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The expo a new cinderella story

IMG_7118Expos for conferences and events can sometimes be treated as the poorer sister to the main event, and that’s understandable when working to a streamlined budget.  But with careful planning, Shoot the Moon can help you grow your expo, transforming it over time like a Cinderella story.  One such case study is the annual Colcam expo stand, which has gradually grown each year into another Shoot the Moon success story.  In 2012 Colcam took a small stand approx. 3×3, in 2016, Colcam was awarded Best Medium Stand and in 2017 Colcam took a 14×14 stand in the premium location and produced trade results that eclipsed all other years.  Shoot the Moon has worked with Colcam each year with a growth mindset on how to engage its audience in the best way possible within the resources available.  In 2017, we created multiple rooms simulating a small house, each with its own story of product & experience.  It took 4 days to build, light & merchandise & only 4 hours to pack down!  Just imagine what Shoot the Moon can do with your next expo – let’s start a conversation today.

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